About Us

Nancy Ashley, Heliotrope’s founder, brings passion and twenty years of professional and volunteer experience to Heliotrope. After practicing law for nine years, Nancy now devotes her work to people and communities. Nancy explores new ideas and infuses creative approaches into her work. She brings thoughtful analysis to complex and diverse projects. Nancy is recognized for her ability to champion positive change; to put theory, experience and knowledge to work; to transform ambitious visions into reality; and to leave groups stronger and more focused in their endeavors.

Nancy grew up in Michigan and moved to Seattle in 1985 to enjoy the natural wonders and much more temperate climate. She loves to hike and walk, spend time with her teen-age god-children and good friends, practice yoga, travel, obey the commands of her cats, and read.

Heliotrope contributes to inspiring efforts

We have a long history of working and serving as volunteers with community-based organizations. Heliotrope contributes both cash and services to support and recognize the invaluable work of these incredible community-based organizations and our nonprofit clients that make such a positive difference in our community.

Our Support Staff

Heliotrope could not exist without the support and proficiency of several wonderful people including:

Our technical support
Robert Smith, ComputerSmith of Puget Sound

Our financial advisor
Karen Ramsey, Ramsey and Associates, Inc.

Our pension designer
Doris Kopp, Pension Design, Inc.

Our accountant
Ter Claeys, Ter Claeys, CPA